Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Grande Date Full Open


The Zenith Chronomaster collection roots back into the very first El Primero watch ever made in 1969. It has. Since its launching, the chronograph has been a trademark Zenith wristwatch. The most calibre that is enviable remains a legend in the history of the watch market. It remains true to its purpose the most renowned collection of the brand, with the Zenith Chronomaster.

Our Pick – Best Dress Watches for Men

dress watch

The dress watch is a subjective breed of timepiece. Other watch categories -- such as pilot, dip, racing, or army watches -- are easier to specify. It's possible to place them apart by a particular set of characteristics, mostly regarding their functions. A dress watch is just the opposite. What distinguishes a dress watch is its own distinct absence of purposes and its aesthetic.

Classic Men’s Dress Watches 2020 for sale

Classic watches

Dress watches have been a staple in horological fashion since the early 20th century and have remained a must have in each watch lovers collection. The dress watch comes with a surprising start, developed in the latter part of the 1900's and derives it's layout from military area and pilot watches at the moment. World War 1 saw the need for a brand new design as pocket watches were becoming increasingly impractical.

What are the different varieties of tourbillon watches?


Flying Tourbillon
The Flying Tourbillon was the major alteration to the complication. A tourbillon design is mounted using a support system such as a bridge or a prick. Meanwhile, a flying tourbillon is cantilevered. To put it differently, it's supported on just 1 side.

Alfred Helwig, a teacher at the School of Watchmaking created it, in 1920.

Double-Axis Tourbillon
The Double-Axis Tourbillon was devised by Anthony Randall in 1977. On the other hand, Richard Good created the initial example a year.

What are the best GPS watches for runners in 2020 review

GPS watches

GPS watches are getting to be a staple part of equipment for many trail runners. Gone are the days when a set of trainers and shorts are all you wanted. To be sure you are on the right route, both literally and regarding information to track your improvements, here are some of the best GPS watches in the marketplace today.
Polar Vantage M