Rolex Daytona Rainbow detail design is not a low-key thing

The Rolex Daytona Rainbow is anything but low-key. It's its layout to thank for that. Made out of beautiful 18k Everose gold watch, it comes in yellowish or white. What sets this apart from most Rolexes or some other watch for this matter is its own bezel. There are. Each piece is selected to mimic the colors of the rainbow's gradient effect.

There are while the bezel is easily the most eye-catching aspect of the timepiece. Provide a marginally effect. It gives a more balanced look to the piece and offsets the strong impact of the rainbow diamonds. Looking closer and to its dial you will discover 11 baguette-cut sapphires about the hour mark. Commanding the 12 o'clock position, nevertheless, is your Rolex watch.

It comes in Everose gold, which is polished to perfection and brushed. An Oyster buckle clasps together the bracelet with an Easylink alternative. There is not any doubt it will keep its lustre even when put against its centrepiece. The polished links make the standout since it's complemented on either side by side links that are satin-finished.