What are the best GPS watches for runners in 2020 review

GPS watches

GPS watches are getting to be a staple part of equipment for many trail runners. Gone are the days when a set of trainers and shorts are all you wanted. To be sure you are on the right route, both literally and regarding information to track your improvements, here are some of the best GPS watches in the marketplace today.
Polar Vantage M

The Vantage M's most important selling point is that the huge number of data, presented in elaborate charts, it collects. Having a chest band heartbeat monitor and a GPS function it records everything from progress, training and even sleep. But, unlikely some other watches, it doesn't act as a map. You can show the information to your mentor, or even hiring a trainer through Polar to dive straight into the information. It is possible to sync the watch with a program on your mobile phone. You can turn on all of the data collecting functions, like heart rate, separately to the GPS. This means the GPS is away while you're on a treadmill, but is back on whenever you're about the hills. You could also buy the Vantage V, that has many of the very same functions and much more. Nonetheless, it's a bit harsher on the wallet.
The 9 BARO Titanium is constructed to help you navigate your preferred trail, so it's ideal for those long races you've not had a chance to recce. You can plan a route via your online account and transfer it to your view, then follow a little arrow that represents you. In addition, it supplies data on your daily objectives, heart rate and other information. You can switch it to match different types of instruction, such as interval training. If you chose to not engage your GPS, it's still possible to monitor your vertical profit and loss with an inbuilt barometer. Additionally, it will come with a barometer to check altitude (or weather if you're on a level road). Like the other watches, it monitors different metrics for you to reevaluate your training. It is an expensive watch, however it is lasting for serious adventures and runs, and comes with a host of other purposes.